Silver Program

Our Silver Program provides applications during the four key time periods for lawns in Bloomington Indiana. The first application consists of a pre-emergent herbicide paired with a small amount of slow release fertilizer to kick start the feeding of your turf in the early spring. The pre-emergent application is critical in preventing unwanted annual broadleaf weed seeds from germinating and gaining a stronghold within your lawn and we incorporate this application into all three programs offered!


Applications two through four each contain a combination of quick release fertilizer and slow release fertilizer, paired with a targeted broadleaf application. The additional application within the Silver Program comes between Mid-april and early May. This application serves to control tough annual weeds, dandelions, and late sprouting summer annuals. It also provides nutrients to the soil and turf to prepare for the summer heat.

This Silver Program provides many benefits for your lawn throughout the year but doesn’t quite hit goal Nitrogen levels and provides a little bit of opportunity for hardy broadleaf weeds to survive. The optimal amount of Nitrogen for Indiana turf is 3.5-3.7lbs of Nitrogen per 1000 square feet. However, it is unhealthy to apply more than 1lb of Nitrogen per 1000 square feet on any individual application, and turfgrass only needs about .5lbs of Nitrogen per 1000 square feet per application during the spring. As a result, the Silver program will come up slightly short of the optimal annual Nitrogen per 1000 square feet goal at about 3.25lbs per 1000 square feet. The Bronze Program is an excellent program to increase turf health and reduce unwanted weeds for turfgrasses in Bloomington Indiana! It comes very close to complete weed control measures while delivering near optimal amounts of Nitrogen throughout the year.

Weed Control & Fertilization Plans

Customized for the Bloomington Indiana climate

Bronze Plan

3 total treatments 

Pre-emergent in March to prevent crabgrass and other annual weeds

Two targeted weed control treatments

Fertilization during each treatment

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Silver Plan

4 total treatments 

Pre-emergent in March to prevent crabgrass and other annual weeds

Three targeted weed control treatments

Fertilization during each treatment

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Gold Plan

5 total treatments 

Pre-emergent in March to prevent crabgrass and other annual weeds

Four targeted weed control treatments

Fertilization during each treatment

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Weed Control and Fertilization in Bloomington IN

Full service lawn treatment

The Lawn Squad of Bloomington specializes in making your property look amazing all year long. Weed control and fertilization plans seperate the amazing lawns that look like golf courses to the average run of the mill lawns.

Three plans for the Bloomington Indiana climate

Andrew Huber is a certified herbicide and pesticide applicator. He knows the industry like the back of his hand and can design the perfect plan to make your lawn look great. From cool weather grass like Kentucky Bluegrass to warm weather grass like Bermuda (both are common in Bloomington) we can design the ideal treatment plan.

You can feel the difference

A treated lawn is healthier. A treated lawn is consistent and weed free. You can see and feel the difference and your property value will even increase with a better looking lawn.

The perfect compliment to our lawn care plan

Our weed control and fertiliation plans in Bloomington are the perfect compliment to our meticulous lawn care plans for the ultimate lawn that is the envy of your neighborhood.

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Why The Lawn Squad?


We pride ourselves in offering the most competitive rates in Bloomington Indiana for lawn care, landscaping, weed control, pest control and cleaning. We are transparent about our rates and always communicate how we charge and what you can expect.

Eager professionalism

Every member of our family is genuinely excited to help you achieve a better looking lawn. We wake up in the morning every day excited to go to work. Positivity makes for a more fun work environment for us and better service for you. Its what we live by!

Communication and Reliability

We pride ourselves in answering the phone with a smile every single time you call and our lead time is the best in town. Once you are one of our clients we communicate appointment times with you automatically using our state of the art software.

Local ties

Our founder Andrew went to Indiana University. So did both his parents. He loves this town just as much as you do and his mission is to make it more beautiful every day. When you do business with us you are doing business with a neighbor and a friend!

Full service or select your own plan

If we see something that needs addressed as we work towards the goal of an amazing lawn we will let you know. Not only that but we will present you with a solution and an quote right off the bat. You can also pick and chose what services you would like!

Never pushy

At the end of the day we just want you to have a better looking lawn. We will happily advise you anytime and let you know exactly how we would do something so that you can chose to do-it-yourself or hire us. Either way we are happy!

How it works.

Getting an estimate

Weed control and fertilization in Bloomington Indiana

Step 1Fill out our quote form to let us know where you live and how to contact you!

Step 2 Pick and chose what services you are interested in or simply let us know you'd like our advice during a walk-through!

Step3If you are looking for lawn cutting only we can provide a quick quote using Google Maps. If you are interested in other services we will give you a call or meet with you at your home!

Step 4 Sit back, relax and enjoy as we work our magic and get your lawn and home looking great. You get our transparency, reliability, professionalism and meticulous work.

Managing your Services

PaymentsWe accept payment online via our convenient online portal. You can elect to make a one time payment each time or utilize the super-easy autopay feature!

Additional Services Add services easily or take them away. You are never tied into a long term contract.