Landscaping in Bloomington IN


The Lawn Squad in Bloomington, Indiana does it all! Everything from mulching to building a flower bed to planting trees, the Lawn Squad can do it. If you want something done that you don’t see on our list, reach out to us and we’ll make it happen!

Our Landscaping services:

  • Flower bed design and construction
  • Flower planting
  • Shrub planting
  • Tree planting
  • Flower bed maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Mulching
  • Ask us if there‚Äôs something not on this list you need!
Call us today at (812) 329-5296 - we are eager to earn your business!

Why The Lawn Squad?


We pride ourselves in offering the most competitive rates in Bloomington Indiana for lawn care, landscaping, weed control, pest control and cleaning. We are transparent about our rates and always communicate how we charge and what you can expect.

Eager professionalism

Every member of our family is genuinely excited to help you achieve a better looking lawn. We wake up in the morning every day excited to go to work. Positivity makes for a more fun work environment for us and better service for you. Its what we live by!

Communication and Reliability

We pride ourselves in answering the phone with a smile every single time you call and our lead time is the best in town. Once you are one of our clients we communicate appointment times with you automatically using our state of the art software.

Local ties

Our founder Andrew went to Indiana University. So did both his parents. He loves this town just as much as you do and his mission is to make it more beautiful every day. When you do business with us you are doing business with a neighbor and a friend!

Full service or select your own plan

If we see something that needs addressed as we work towards the goal of an amazing lawn we will let you know. Not only that but we will present you with a solution and an quote right off the bat. You can also pick and chose what services you would like!

Never pushy

At the end of the day we just want you to have a better looking lawn. We will happily advise you anytime and let you know exactly how we would do something so that you can chose to do-it-yourself or hire us. Either way we are happy!

How it works.

Getting an estimate


Step 1Fill out our quote form to let us know where you live and how to contact you!

Step 2 Pick and chose what services you are interested in or simply let us know you'd like our advice during a walk-through!

Step3If you are looking for lawn cutting only we can provide a quick quote using Google Maps. If you are interested in other services we will give you a call or meet with you at your home!

Step 4 Sit back, relax and enjoy as we work our magic and get your lawn and home looking great. You get our transparency, reliability, professionalism and meticulous work.

Managing your Services

PaymentsWe accept payment online via our convenient online portal. You can elect to make a one time payment each time or utilize the super-easy autopay feature!

Additional Services Add services easily or take them away. You are never tied into a long term contract.

Lawn Care

This is our standard and most popular service! We mow, edge, trim and blow off the clippings. Not a blade is left uncut.

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What we do

01. We mow the grass with our sharp blades so you get an even cut every time. 

02. We edge the sidewalks and driveways so you have a crisp professionally manicured look every time! 

03. We trim everything we can't get with our mowers and we are very careful not to damage anything!

04. We use our leaf blowers to clear your surfaces of any clippings so you can't even tell we were there!


From bed design and creation to flower and shrub planting we can make your property look amazing and add value to your home or business.

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What we do

01. Tree, shrub and flower planting so your home has the right color and structure. We recommend great plants for the Bloomington climate.

02. Mulching and bed creation. We'll put down weed fabric to keep your beds free of unwanted growth and get the ideal mulch color.

03. Privacy tree planting is getting more and more popular. Don't put in a high maintenance fence. Use natures fence instead!

04. Landscaping is our wheelhouse. We are very good at making your home or business look amazing. Let our experts recommend the ideal plants.

Pest, Weed & Fertilization

Chemicals are tricky but we are educated and certified to apply exactly what you need to handle any issue.

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What we do

01. Pest control. We've got you covered no matter what pests may be present or just for prevention. Click the yellow text to view plans.

02. Weed control. We can treat crabgrass, broadleaf weeds and all other common weeds so your turf is consistent and healthy.

03. Fertilization. We make sure your soil has the right pH (using lime) and your turf has all the nutrients it needs.

04. Termite control. We can treat your foundation or apply bait stations so you can protect your home and your investment.


From fall and spring cleanup to keep your lawn healthy to power washing and window cleaning. We've got you covered!

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What we do

01. Fall cleanup is not ony for looks - its critical because the leaves can damage the grass underneath.

02. Spring cleanup will get your lawn ready for the growing season. We pick up the sticks, pine cones and other misc items.

03. Gutter cleaning is essential to keep your water runnoff systems functioning properly. 

04. Power washing is great for your pavement and deck and really makes your house look 10 years younger.

Snow & Ice Management

We will keep your property safe and accessible during the winter months with our snow plowing and salting services.

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What we do

01. Snow Plowing. We'll get your driveways and sidewalks clear when the snow hits.

02. Snow Removal. We can remove excess snow from the site with our loaders and dumptrucks.

03. Ice Melting. We melt ice and keep your conditions safe by spreading salt on your drives and sidewalks.

04. Winter maintenance contracts for commercial or residential customers.